Read The 1776 Report On America Joe Biden Deleted The Instant He Became President

January 20, 2021 By

Tristan Justice




President Joe Biden’s White House stripped down the Trump administration’s 1776 Report, released on Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, moments after the new executive took office.

The 45-page report, compiled by a multi-racial commission and beseeching Americans to take pride in their country, was immediately vilified by the progressive left as racist for rejecting social justice narratives of American history that characterize the United States as an irredeemably racist empire built for the sole purpose of oppression.

Biden’s removal of the report, compiled by the 1776 Commission, promises the new progressive administration will be a vehicle for the woke revolution, an idea rejected by the most radical Democratic ticket in recent memory but repeatedly warned about by the conservatives who saw through the empty rhetoric of moderation on the campaign trail.

Read the report that Democrats and social justice warriors, who are developing the New York Times’ ahistorical 1619 Project into a film production, don’t want Americans to read:




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