Baked Chicken Rosemary

Must eat healthier is what I keep telling myself in private conversations

1 stick butter melted. I used a plant based.

Or Olive oil, regular butter. You choose.

Fresh torn up (Rosemarino) Rosemary. Avoid the stems.

Oregano? Garlic?

Use a greased cookie sheet.

Paint the chicken pretty side up. Meaning you can see the skin coating the meat. Imagine it all brown up just how you like it.

Cover tightly with aluminum foil.

Spray the aluminum foil with an anti-stick spray so that it skin of the chicken won't stick to it.

Bake 1 hour at 350degrees

Paint the chicken again

Bake uncovered and additional 10 mins or until it is browned up enough for you.

Waaaah La

Moist and tender. Pulls easily off the bone.

Super Easy Breezy



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