KONA Skate Park Jacksonville, FL

Great place to skate or ride your BMX Bike while in the area. Not expensive and they offer limited concessions like beverages and candy bars. Clean decent sized Women’s restroom. No struggling with closing the stall door. Have some good videos as well.

She She the S cut off anyhow, she had crashed earlier that day so she is now riding on an injured leg. But she is doing it Damn It! No pain no gain? And she's not complaining either btw just so you know

Father and Son. Met the Mother, she was just a ball of energy and praise for her boy. It was great to see her watching him

Guy on the bike is Tim. Finally he gets to participate! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ He was thrilled about that. He is the one trying to host BMX events. He has a YouTube Channel with dates and cities


It was a bright sun shining day 





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