AreX Alpha

Trying to get feedback on a semi-auto pistol by AreX. I have picked the Alpha. It has a very impressive read and I would like to learn more about it. If anyone has any relevant info they want to share I’m all ears or just your opinion on AreX in general. Impressive firearms company from

Seeking more information on the AreX Alpha. I am really interested in this Slovenian brand for many different reasons. One being their testing standards. I had originally wanted the Zero 1, but I kept reading about their models. So next I found the Delta which really just a, maybe CZ? knock off with upgrades. And they now have a new one, it looks badass! But, for the moment, I have chosen the Alpha so I wanted to see if anyone could offer any more insight. Anything you have learned and are willing to share about this model would be appreciated. Thank you! 


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