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So, now that morning chores are finished, the fur and feathers content until evening, I find myself here on a lonely blog begging for something to be written.  I used to enjoy writing farm stores on our website, but that doesn't happen as often as I'd like anymore.  Oh, don't get me wrong, my head is full of all sorts of sharable stories.  They just seem to go to the wayside, something I really should correct.  As I ponder that, I'll make a stab of it here before I move further into the daily races.

You ever feel like when you're enjoying that first early morning cuppa, when you take that first enjoyable sip and start reading up on the world around you, your also being served a side order of crap on toast you didn't order?  I tell you, I feel I spend more time perpetually shaking my head and thinking, "I just don't understand," than anything else lately. 

The first article I read was actually a little merry ray of sunshine and seemed to make that toast go down a bit smoother.  It was about the company Merck deciding to forgo developing another COVID-19 vaccine in lieu of putting more of their time into a medication that will help a person combat the virus they already have.  Makes sense.  Besides, for too long now we've been told there are ways to help ease the symptoms despite pharmacy companies focus on a vaccine that, in my opinion, is bunk.  Yes, I get it.  You don't all agree with me.  Guess what?  I'm cool with that.  I like that people can be so different from each other, have different opinions and views, whatever else you want to lump in this statement, and we can still breathe the same long as you're an acceptable six feet apart and wearing a facial covering, that is, because that's what our government tells us.

Next, I was visiting a homesteading page where there was a post about the seed shortage.  Really brought out more of the crap taste on the toast.  Let me remind you, I'm a small family farmer just this side of heaven on a plot of land in Ohio.  This is truly a thing, the seed shortage.  It began last year and is continuing, endangering families who grow for themselves and their communities.  For example, Johnny Seeds has a banner at the top of their website as of my writing this story that says, " PLEASE NOTE:  We are only accepting orders from Commercial Farmers at this time."  Baker Creek stopped taking orders for weeks earlier this month and just began accepting orders again with shipping delays that could be a month or more, and that's if they have the seeds you are looking for.  Many seed companies are out of stock.  There was a canning jar shortage last year that's also continuing.  It's crazy!

Let me tell you, we've been vendors at our local farmers market for the past 11 years, and after last season's lackluster sales, I've decided it's time to hang it up and grow what I'm able to for our family and friends.  It was hard to make that decision because I'll truly miss seeing folks there, but what it came down to for us is customers we've seen for years weren't there or were so inconsistently there, that a lot of the bread I baked, the herbs I cut, the tomatoes I picked, blahblahblah...were given away.  It was hard enough I lost my little job of 32 years and helped keep our farm floating along in poultry feed and hay for the past 13 we've been here.  As much as I appreciate those that showed up, it wasn't enough.  Despite people doing the buy local, support local cheer, more and more are ticking off their grocery list at a we have everyting you need on-line big box store website for convenient pick-up.  Our farmers market began on-line ordering a few months ago after thinking they were going to begin doing it during the summer, but it came too late for us.  Oh, we're still here.  Don't get me wrong.  We're just going to go about what we grow and who we grow for differently.  The prospect of it is actually, truth be told, a bit exciting.

Oh and now that I've gone off the rails on that a bit, let me tell you about the last thing I read before hanging it up for the day.  It was a posted picture of a tweet from President Biden that said something to the affect he's decided to stop federal funds to private prisons.  Truth be told, I need to read more into that before I offer up a public opinion on it.  Don't get me wrong, I have quite a few thoughts on it in my head, but I need to ruminate on them before spewing them out publically and can't take them back.

In the meantime, folks, I'm going to put my feet up and warm them a bit in front of the fire, watch the snow flurries fall a bit before I begin tackling other things that need to be done.  I can only hope the potential Green New Deal doesn't take away that small nugget of warmth and enjoyment.  Peace out and enjoy your day, whatever it may hold.

Smiling Waving, Sharon 


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