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Good evening everyone. I want to take a few minutes of your time to talk about a few things. I have been involved in the restoration of the Constitution as a means of restoring the country that we all love and cherish. Since I have started with this endeavor I have noticed a lot of things some are very apparent others are subtle.

One of the things that should be apparent to everyone is the on-going effort to keep America divided. Notice I did not say the United States. Because truthfully we are no longer united. We have become a nation of factions and factions within factions.

You may ask how this happened and the truth is the ongoing quest for power and the sacrifice of virtue by those in office in their quest for even more power to control the populous. We like to blame this division on those that have beliefs that are contrary to ours. I want to take a little of your time to unpack this and to show you that everything that you think is based upon deception that is orchestrated to keep us under the control of a select few.

Regardless of your political beliefs, we all want to believe that we are on the side of righteousness. The truth is we have been blinded by our trust for this political party or that political party.

Political Parties by their nature need to keep the people that support them on opposite sides of issues. They do this to remain in power. The Republican Party will tell you that the Democrats are trying to implement Socialist values that all they care about is power and that they really do not have the interests of the country in mind. The Democrat Party will portray Republicans as Fascists bent on a Police State and that the only thing that matters to them is wealth and power.

In the mean-time, both parties try to convince us that the other is trying to steal our votes and undermine the election process. We hear Democrats claiming that Republicans are trying to suppress votes while the Republicans are saying that Democrats are stuffing the ballot boxes with illegal votes. This is being done in order to create distrust in the election process, so that regardless of which party is elected the supporters of the other party will claim that the election was invalid. Creating a distrust of those that are elected.

This distrust of the election process is done so that it hides the manipulation of the election by both parties to seat candidates that will create the most division in the country. Once this is accomplished the parties start working their divisive talk. This is done to keep us focused on issues that keep us divided. and opposed to each other. All the while they continue to use these issues to justify the theft of our liberties and grant themselves more and more power. Because of our support of this party or that party we will even support this theft of power. We will even justify it by saying that it is needed to keep the other party out of power.

This is what is leading this country to transition from a place of Liberty and a beacon to the rest of the world for a government of the People, by the People, and for the People. The truth is our country hasn't been a government of the People for a long time. We have become a government of parties and special interests. With less focus on the will of the people and more focus on the will of the parties and those in control of the parties.

The question then becomes what can we do to change this? In part 2 I will start explaining strategies that we can use to start righting this country and building a Republic that is ruled by the will of the People. One that protects the rights of individuals.

We are seeing some very dramatic changes in our government and Nation. Since the Elections, we have seen a push to silence a large part of the American people. The people being silenced oppose the new administration policies and agenda.

This should be very upsetting to ALL Americans regardless of their views on the agendas and policies of the new administration. When we try to silence anyone that opposes us we are demonstrating that our position is unable to withstand debate. It is through this process of debate that we are able to either confirm that our position is valid and supportable or if that position needs to be reconsidered.

There are some claiming that the voices being silenced are lies, misrepresentations, or insurrectionist in their opposition. If the voices that you are trying to silence are based on lies they will expose themselves when the truth is spoken in opposition. We have to realize that even outright lies hold value in the debate process. They expose weakness in the communication of our position. When our position is clear and concise then lies are not able to withstand being challenged and are exposed for what they are.

Misrepresentations of our position again expose that we are not communicating the facts of our position effectively. This allows misrepresentations of our position to be widely spread and challenges the validity of our position. In order to effectively debate we MUST be highly educated and informed about the positions that we hold and the agendas we support. When we are not highly knowledgeable about the positions we are supporting then we encourage misrepresentations of those positions.

Both lies and misrepresentations of our views and positions are a result of our being inadequately prepared to defend the positions we hold and that we are basing those views on other people's knowledge. The problem with reliance on other people for our knowledge is that when we exhaust the talking points of those people we can no longer defend our position. Our knowledge needs to be complete and from a broad range of sources. This is the only means to combat lies and misrepresentations of the positions we hold.

The last type mentioned is insurrectionism. This type of challenge to our positions needs to be highly regarded and of grave concern. Insurrectionist talk indicates that the position we support is contrary to the will of the people. This only serves to divide people and doesn't help anyone. Insurrection is often initiated when a group of people feels like they are being oppressed and that they no longer matter. When our position disregards a segment of the population then we should be challenging that position ourselves.

If we are going to combat the silencing that we are seeing today we need to extremely knowledgeable about our views and be able to support those positions emotionally and factually. Logic is not enough to combat an emotionally charged argument against a particular position. If our position cannot be supported with both emotion and logic then we will quickly lose support.

Some of the most influential people know how to use both logic and emotion to influence support for their causes. We see in business and in politics that the ideas and products that gain the most support are the ones where people can see the passion of those presenting the cause. Whether it is a product or an idea passion is the core for building support.

Passion is emotionally based and shows the commitment that a person has to an idea. We are not able to commit to an idea that we are not passionate about. Nor can we get others to believe in that idea.

It was the passion that the Sons of Liberty and the Founders had that allowed a fledgling group of colonists to cast off the oppressive rule of a tyrant and to establish a country that would quickly rise to become an example of Liberty and freedom. Communicate your position with passion supported with knowledge and we will be able to restore a Nation back to the principles that allowed us to become the beacon of Liberty for the rest of the world.